Agile Activator work is based on specific beliefs and previous work done by others.


AGILE ACTIVATOR methodology is based on the activation of 3 values, that also define the way we execute our work and collaborate with partners and clients:  Direct Communication, Transparency and Speed.

These values have been carefully chosen as the ones that bring faster results and foster innovation in traditional non-digitally-born companies and are also aligned with what the Agile Manifesto released back in 2001.  

In order to keep it simple and help to expand Agile to areas that do not necessarily develop software as their core business, we have establish a specific methodology that any professional can relate to and bring to action.  

The Agile Manifesto is directed to Software Development.  This is why it was the IT community who embraced it first and created frameworks to apply it.  Nevertheless, every time more and more cases (documented or not) prove that Agile is required not only in Tech area but across all the organisation in order to boost Innovation.

AGILE ACTIVATOR aim is to bring the underlying principles of Collaboration, Receptiveness and Inclusion into the Business world.  We recognize it is not possible to do this on our own or just within a closed IT community. Our vision is to have a working space in which Agile principles support the human development as well as they have helped software development and Digital Transformation inside organisations. 


Below our interpretation of the Agile for Software Development Manifesto with only 2 words changed marked in bold:

We are uncovering better ways of developing
humans by doing it and helping others do it.
Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working outcomes over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on
the right, we value the items on the left more.


AGILE ACTIVATOR is a change booster methodology therefore, we recommend to use it whenever you need to bring speed to a change process.


Some examples of situations in which you can benefit from it:

  • You have to set up a new Innovation Unit or want to start working Scrum and recruit a team (either from people already in the company or from outside)

  • You are leading a Team building process that involves high qualified professionals from different areas of expertise

  • You have Product Owners in a Digital area that have to collaborate with IT, but they are not yet a single unit.

  • The company has started Digital Transformation efforts in the last year and is willing to get quick wins to set up basics.

  • You are conducting a Team Reorganisation and at the same time working on strategic projects.

  • You have a project that has turned into a “zombie” project nobody dares to kill as you need an outcome.

  • You already work Agile but you require to speed up the innovation, as the outcomes of working Agile are not as fast as expected.

  • You have a small team that works just fine doing Agile, but this is not replicable to the rest of the organisation.

  • You are a programmer and have a great idea, but you don’t know where to start to turn that into a business on your own.


Please be aware that there is a requirement that is mandatory in order to apply AGILE ACTIVATOR: You have to have a vision of what you will call success after 3 months and after a year. 



  • A substitute for training services.

  • A project management framework

  • A software that is licensed or developed for you

  • A strategy in paper


AGILE ACTIVATOR implements the intervention following 5 steps, each one directed to activate the values in a natural way. 

1 - Team assessment and values alignment 

2-  Action Oriented Vision & Strategy Canvas 

3- Transparency backlog 

4- Self-organised board

5- Retrospective based on direct communication 


Each step is necessary in order to pass to the next one.  

If the client opts to skip one, we need to assess together if the action has been taken already and will require the results or way of execution to be shared with us.  

For example: there are many different tools for a team assessment process out in the market.  We are not linked with any in particular but require a minimum set of information to work with that we will require.  Same with Boards or software used to organise the tasks: we need to understand how is it used by the team and evaluate together based on facts if it is beneficial or not for the change process (as per many cases in which JIRA maintenance has become the main task of the team instead of just a tool).


Once all the steps are executed, the intervention is finished and we recommend to let us step back and have only follow up meetings.  Timing required to launch and implement each step will depend on your company situation.  We believe it is a process of maximum 6 months time if we have 3 or more teams or you have distributed teams and could be only 3 months if you only have 1 or 2 teams colocated working together.  After this time we will not recommend to continue working with the same team, as we firmly believe a speed booster is required only for a specific period of time.  Afterwards, it becomes stressful and the company or team need to have time to adopt and internalise the values on its own.



  • Agile training

  • Coaching training (GROW method)

  • Scrum Framework knowledge, especially the roles of POs, Scrum Masters and Developers.

  • Kanban, Lean, Six Sigma

  • Waterfall project management: recognition of limitations (Scope, Budget, Timing triangle) and when is great to use it.

  • MBTI, Insights Discovery, Size or any other personality evaluator that your company has adopted

  • Practice of Mindfulness or attendance to specific trainings like Search Inside Yourself created by Google.