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Elliot Antrobus-Holder, Vice President Global Head of Digital Channels and Analytics at GSK

I’ve worked with Marisa for a number of years and on hearing that she’d set-out on her own and built agile activator I was keen to get her in to support the agile transformation at GSK. Over only a short period Marisa made a significant impact on the team, coaching, mentoring and driving a culture of learning and accountability. She left us with a confident and self-sufficient team who were able to live and breath agile ways of working. Thank you Marisa

Dana Rodden, Head Omnichannel Strategy and Operations at GSK

Marisa is an amazing Agile coach and leader. Marisa’s collaborative approach and focus on delivering customer value early and often was instrumental in shifting GSKs digital culture. Marisa broke down silos and highlighted areas where business process was outdated and provided solutions. She is laser focused on barrier removal enabling the US & Global team to hit critical delivery targets. My team and I were fortunate to partner with Marisa as we transformed GSKs digital and customer experience

Catherine Hanrahan, Global Director of Product Campaign Automation at GSK

Marisa brought her coaching and agile expertise to help a newly formed cross functional team move to a high performing team. The challenges she helped us resolve included: 1. setting up the right team structure of Product, Development, Brand 2. helping us recognise each others working styles 3. establishing the right agile ceremonies 4. setting up the right performance metrics - story points, value etc All of this was done with team members located in more than three locations/time zones and without her strong leadership and coaching we would not have achieved what we have in the past 4-5 months. I want to thank Marisa for all her help and wish her ongoing success 

Phoebos Stergiou, Head of Product, Customer Channels at GSK

Marisa is one of the best Agile coaches I’ve worked with. She worked with our team of business owners and helped embed Agile principles and Product Management. Marisa is proactive and practical, gets to the point quickly and brings people along with her. She ran workshops to educate the team but also provided practical coaching to the product owners to improve the prioritization of the Product Backlog. I can’t recommend Marisa strongly enough for pragmatic and business focused agile coaching

Paul Tweddell, Senior PMO / Program Manager at GSK

Marisa was an amazing partner in our first cross-functional agile experiment - always eager and enthusiastic, always looking for practical ways to take people on the agile journey. Thank you!

Kayleigh Warburton, Commercial Business Lead at TUI

I had the pleasure of working with Marisa on a huge project to launch new B2B and B2C excursion booking platforms to Thomson and First Choice customers and to the Thomson Retail estate. Working closely with Marisa over the course of a year, I found her to possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and to be very conscientious at all times - often going above and beyond for the project team. Marisa was determined to see the project through to a successful close, ensuring robust implementation and clear direction. Marisa is very commercially-driven and has a sound knowledge of multi-channel distribution.

Adi Merzbach, Head of IT Infrastructure, TUI

Marisa is a passionate, full of energy professional with a get the things done attitude. With no doubt I would recommend Marisa in positions where an alignment between the business and the tech / IT parts is required. Marisa provided to the TUI DX IT team a very important business oriented approach and made us - the IT people - think out of the box and consider other points of view.